[OS X TeX] Ghostscript 7 over 6 Ok?

Tom Kiffe tom at kiffe.com
Thu Oct 31 12:02:09 EST 2002

At 7:34 AM +0100 10/31/02, Gerben Wierda wrote:
>On Thursday, Oct 31, 2002, at 03:23 Europe/Amsterdam, Tom Kiffe wrote:
>> Ghostscript 7 supports many png devices, including png16 and png16m. To see
>> a list a supported devices type "gs -help" in a Terminal window. If png16
>> is not in the list of supported devices then ghostscript was built
>> incorrectly and you should recompile ghostscript. Thumbpdf works fine here
>> with ghostscript 7.
>As the info of the package says, png support is not included with my new distributions. It will be, but it is one of the things that is on the TODO list.

What could possibly be the problem with activating png graphics in ghostscript?
To build ghostscript without x11 support all one must do is comment out the
x11 devices in ghostscript's Makefile. Png devices are automatically included.


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