[OS X TeX] What is Copy and Paste in OS X?

Keith M. Chugg chugg at usc.edu
Tue Oct 15 22:32:45 EDT 2002

This is a little off-topic, but why doesn't copy-n-paste between 
applications work the way it "should" in OSX?  Example, draw a 
diagram in Omnigraffle, copy it and paste it into a Word document. 
When you view/print this, the diagram is fuzzy as if you clipped it 
out of a pdf document using Acrobat reader.

I guess that some applications support pdf cut-n-paste with high 
quality (e.g., equation service to omnigraffle works nicely).  Can 
anybody explain this to me or point me to a reference?  I started 
using Macs in the 80s b/c I could cut from one app and paste into 
another - what gives now?  Isn't this what "display pdf" was supposed 
to do for us?  Is this a carbon/cocoa thing or a transitional issue?

This is related to an early post to this group in which I asked if 
anybody knew a *simple* way to get figures from my Textures-world 
(those that were generated with Superpaint or Kaliedagraph) into 
high-res pdf files.  If I view a .pdf of a textures-typeset document 
and select-copy the graphics and paste into omnigraph, I can extract 
just the figure in pdf format.  Unfortunately, this is the 
"fuzzy-pdf" version as opposed to the eps-like pdf.  Still looking 
for an easy way to do this...



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