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>Does anyone know how to take one .tex document and make two separate 
>pdfs from it (without acrobat, or printing...). I'm writing a proposal 
>and submitting electronically and the references need to be separated 
>to they can put it back together again.
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I'm in the same situation. The idea I've come up with is to wrap the .bbl 
file into a separate, say, references.tex and latex that separately. That 
takes care of the reference part. To print the main body of the proposal 
without the references I'm using oberdieck's pagesel package to exclude the 
reference part. Not what I want, since one has to edit the source to do it, 
but it works.

Hope this helps,
Ettore Aldrovandi
Department of Mathematics 	mailto:aldrovandi at math.fsu.edu
Florida State University 	http://www.math.fsu.edu/~ealdrov

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