[OS X TeX] texdoc

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Thu Oct 3 16:21:59 EDT 2002

On Thursday, Oct 3, 2002, at 20:11 Europe/Amsterdam, Troy Goodson wrote:

> On Thursday, October 3, 2002, at 10:02  AM, Juan Falgueras wrote:
>> 	What are the commands in .../powerpc-apple-darwin-current/ that can 
>> be used?
>> % texdoc latex
>> /usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current/texdoc: netscape: 
>> command not found
> Apparently texdoc relies on some environment variables {from man 
> texdoc}:
>        $TEXDOCVIEW_dvi
>               DVI viewer.  Defaults to xdvi(1).
>        $TEXDOCVIEW_pdf
>               PDF viewer.  Defaults to acroread(1).
>        $TEXDOCVIEW_ps
>               PostScript viewer.  Defaults to ghostview(1).
>        $TEXDOCVIEW_html
>               HTML viewer.  Defaults to netscape(1).
>        $TEXDOCVIEW_txt
>               Text viewer.  Defaults to $PAGER-more.
> I suspect Gerben Wierda can set these up in his distribution.   I 
> think there's a way to use osascript to find out what the user's 
> browser is, etc. but I haven't found it, yet.

My guess is that these are pretty simple in Mac OS X. This works for 
say 'texdoc web2c.pdf'

setenv TEXDOCVIEW_dvi 'open %s'
setenv TEXDOCVIEW_pdf 'open %s'
setenv TEXDOCVIEW_ps 'open %s'
setenv TEXDOCVIEW_html 'open %s'
setenv TEXDOCVIEW_txt 'open %s'

I have noticed that .dvi (texdoc dvips.dvi) does not work with TeXShop. 
TeXShop starts, but the file is not displayed, probably because I 
cannot write in the directory where the docs are. I will adapt 
altpdftex to handle this.


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