[OS X TeX] i-Installer & Jaguar (10.2) Trivial Fix

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalacios at mac.com
Mon Oct 7 23:10:35 EDT 2002

	You clearly know more about this than I do (I wasn't trying to be 
patronizing, sorry if I sounded like it!). Could you clarify further for 
all those interested and confused (partly due to my message)?

On Monday, October 7, 2002, at 10:49  PM, Jon Guyer wrote:

> Right, which means that it's a Mach-O package. In no way does that 
> imply that it's Cocoa (nor does it imply that it's Carbon). As far as I 
> know, Cocoa must be a Mach-O package. Carbon can be either a CFM binary 
> or a Mach-O binary. Whether a Carbon app is package or single binary is 
> a separate issue, still.

	Cocoa apps and traditional UNIX apps are all Mach-0 executable 
since they are compile against the kernel (Mach), so how can a Carbon 
app be sometimes recognized as Mach-0 and sometimes as CFM? All Carbon 
apps I've seen are CFM binaries. I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm 
nut curious...

> Feel free to continue digging your hole, my friend, but I recommend you 
> stop before you get any deeper.

	A funny quote from a funny friend: "The first rule about holes: if 
you are in one... STOP DIGGING!"

>   Jonathan E. Guyer
>   <http://www.his.com/jguyer/>

	Thanks fot the clarifications Jonathan. Regards,...


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