[OS X TeX] Re: GS help

trogers at math.fsu.edu trogers at math.fsu.edu
Thu Oct 3 16:50:10 EDT 2002

Me again.

macps2pdf (eps2tiff) works fine for me and i have converted my friends 
files -but 2 of them continually will not open for him.

he is on OS 9.2.2.

i wonder if there is anyone who might privately (as i can't send them 
through list) take a quick peek at these 2 small images to see if their 
is something inherently wrong with them or is just his system?

this is only happening on 2 of his 5 images (.eps).

further, he says the following -all due to leads you all have given us:

"...after copying Math1.pfa into the ghostscript fonts folder in the 
MacGhostView folder -- but that didn't work either. However, mustn't 
there be a way tell MacGhostView how to access every font it needs? Did 
I copy the wrong file? Or to the wrong place?"

thanks in advance,

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