[OS X TeX] TeXShop/teTeX speed using TeX+ghostscript

Brian Boonstra boonstb at cmg.FCNBD.COM
Wed Oct 2 12:00:48 EDT 2002

Wolfgang wrote:
> Under Nextstep, all it takes is to make a keystroke, and 1/2sec
> later the result is clearly visible in the previewer....
> and even supports hyperlinks. A 100p paper texes in ca 2sec.(*)
> TeX on OSX is far from that, it takes like 20sec for me until I can see
> the change in the previewer .

I have to agree with this...no other platform I've tried has matched what  
Nextstep/Openstep had almost a decade ago with InstantTeX/TeXView.  Has  
anybody looked at how hard it would be to make a Cocoa app (or modify, say,  
iTexMac) with the same IPC abilities?  What were your impressions? I can't  
imagine it's too horrible.


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