[OS X TeX] I-installer Questions

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Wed Oct 30 16:11:00 EST 2002

On Wednesday, Oct 30, 2002, at 19:41 Europe/Amsterdam, Herb Schulz 

> The older i-Installer showed panes for all the previously downloaded
> packages upon opening. Is there a way for the new i-Installer to do 
> the same
> thing or must you open the panes for each package through the 
> open-recent
> menu item?

The old i-Installer came in socalled *dedicated* versions, where there 
were packages *inside* the i-Installer application. Those were not the 
'previously downloaded' packages, but more or less the 
kangaroo-packages. Th eneed for that construct has gone as I now have a 
better way of handling authentication. So yes, you need to open them 
through recent items, just like with all other Mac OS X apps.

> Do you check for updates for a package by opening up the pane for that
> package and pressing the Update button under the Properties tab?

No, the update button actually *performs* the update. The check is in 
the menu (Redisplay Remote Version).

> If that's
> how you do it then shouldn't the Properties tab be the default opening 
> tab
> for previously downloaded packages?

I could easily say that "Inspect Files" is te most important tab as it 
displayes the package info/help at startup. There is also someting to 
say for your choice. However, to provide an as easy-as-possible 
interface for nocies who just want to install, it is the install tab 
that is opened first.

> By the way, what is in the TeX Configure package? Do I need it if I 
> already
> had a previous version of Gerben's distribution up and running?

No. This package just contains the configuration stuff that is also 
available in the other TeX packages (exactly the same). I created it 
when I started out with i-Installer v2 to test the interactive stuff 
and I wanted a lightweight package to move around.

This package is a generic TeX configuration package, it is not only 
possible to configure my TeX with it, but you could as easily configure 
your TeX Live or an other TeX with it (though it must be a recent TeX 
to be effective). Without the possibility of accidentally downloading 
my distribution too ;-) But if you use my distribution, there is no 
need to use it.


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