[OS X TeX] tips for transfig and fig2dev?

Troy Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Oct 18 12:39:28 EDT 2002

I've been playing a little with jFig (the java xFig), which seems to  
work nicely as an OS X app once you package it up.  Now, I'd like to  
install fig2dev and, I guess, transfig.

I've downloaded  
transfig.3.2.3d.tar.gz> which appears to be the latest version.  It's  
from May 29, 2001 and I don't see any comments about Darwin or OS X in  
it's README.  I also searched the web archives of the fink-devel and  
fink-users lists, but I didn't find any discussion of fig2dev or  
transfig.  So, before I go trying to build & install it, I thought I'd  
ask if anyone knows of any problems or tips.

Thanks in advance,


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