(was: Re: [OS X TeX] GS help?)

Mark Moll mmoll at
Wed Oct 2 19:43:45 EDT 2002

On Wednesday, Oct 2, 2002, at 16:20 US/Central, Bruno Voisin wrote:
> While I'm at it, concerning does anybody know to disable 
> bookmarks, I find that they make the display of PDF files 
> substantially slower? And how to set up a default window size, and 
> default magnification?

I assume you mean the thumbnails. In the preferences you can select 
"Show Name Only" and uncheck "Load All Thumbnails". You still get the 
side panel, but it contains text only. This might speed things up a 
bit. I'd also be very interested in a way to change the default window 
size & magnification.

BTW, Preview in 10.2 has been improved a lot compared to the one in 
10.1. In particular, rendering of Type 3 (bitmapped) fonts is now very 
good (much better than Acrobat Reader, in fact).


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