OT: [OS X TeX] Re: MANPATH Problem (but not with settcshtexpath ;-)

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Thu Oct 3 11:03:29 EDT 2002

On second thoughts:

On Thursday, Oct 3, 2002, at 16:19 Europe/Amsterdam, Juan Falgueras  

> 	Gerben, firstly thanks, many thanks, you are very kindful.

Given that the thread has a subject line that says there is a problem  
with my software while it is (again) fink, yes, I am full of kindness  

> I'll look for the config file that set the environment variable  
> MANPATH trying to put up to date those config files (fink?) and in the  
> meanwhile i'll follow your trick :), that of course, works!
> My .tcshrc has its first line sourcing /sw/bin/init.csh and...

I do not know what finks says, but it is better to have that in .login  
in my opinion.

> W16:16:20 ~ 8% cat /sw/bin/init.csh | grep setenv
>   setenv MANPATH /sw/share/man:/sw/man:${MANPATH}:/usr/X11R6/man
>   setenv MANPATH  
> /sw/share/man:/sw/man:/usr/local/share/man:/usr/local/man:/usr/share/ 
> man:/usr/X11R6/man

2? And the latter completely overrides MANPATH.

> What do you suggest?

Complain loudly. They have had months to fix this. The right solution  
is that they do something like

setenv MANPATH /sw/share/man:/sw/man:`manpath -q`:/usr/X11R6/man


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