[OS X TeX] Strange TeXShop margins behaviour

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Thu Oct 24 08:52:52 EDT 2002

>I'm experiencing some odd printing behaviour from TeXShop. I _think_ this
>dates from upgrading to 10.2 and installing from the most recent i-
>installer, but haven't needed to use latex in a while.
>Symptom: documents display properly in the TeXShop pdf viewing window,
>but when I print, or preview in the Preview app, text starts about a
>third of the way down the page and in some cases runs off the bottom.
>(though not always - I haven't found a pattern to it yet).
>If I process the same source doc from the command-line, it's fine.
>Is this a known problem, and am I missing something obvious? I couldn't
>see anything in the archives.

Hi Tim

I have the same problem. I don't know what causes it and its
quite erratic - sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't.
I think it mostly happens when I am in a hurry to print something
out :-)

As the problem is happening in TeXShop and Preview it must be the
Apple PDF stuffing up.

I have found it prints OK if you use Acrobat Reader


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