[OS X TeX] A few basic questions

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Thu Oct 31 05:13:16 EST 2002

>I am using TexShop on OSX,I was wondering what the advantages and 
>disadvantages of other Latex implementations for OSX are-would 
>installing multiple Latex front ends cause any conflicts? If so what 
>are they? What exactly is Latex2e? Do all or most iimplementations 
>use this version? If not which ones do?Another question- I am trying 
>to get left and right facing quotation marks-I have no problem 
>typing them into the .tex file,however they don't show up in the 
>pdf-there is just blank spcae.Any information would be appreciated.
>           Rick

I don't know about other implementations, but I have TeXShop and 
OzTeX and there is no problem. OzTeX has its own files, which are 
placed in folders inside its own OzTeX folder, so there is no reason 
why it should conflict. Also, one can call the teTeX programs (the 
same Unix back end that TeXShop uses) from OzTeX.
(for instance if I want a dvi file I can typeset it with OzTeX 
proper, but since OzTeX doesn't do pdf directly, there is a menu from 
which I can invoke the teTeX program pdflatex to do it). I mainly use 
TeXShop to convert eps files to pdf.

As to the quotation marks, are you sure you are typing the right characters?
That should be the back quote ` and the single quote ' (possibly doubled), as
in `My title' or ``My title''.


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