[OS X TeX] missing ligatures using AGaramon

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Fri Oct 18 11:07:01 EDT 2002

Le vendredi, 18 oct 2002, à 16:45 Europe/Paris, Cyril Niklaus a écrit :

> Is that because my pfb file is bad, or it is badly (re?)encoded? What 
> would be the cause of that error? Of course, what makes me think it's 
> a encoding problem is the V Y Z, since it's ffl etc. it's actually 
> coughing on. I'm a bit wary of the pfb, since I used Fontographer to 
> produce them from the mac postscript version I have of the fonts, not 
> knowing how to use LWFN (with the info in the resource fork, if I'm 
> not mistaken) with TeX.

You could try the script lwfn2pfb from Tom Kiffe's CMacTeX at 
<http://www.kiffe.com/tex/intro.html>. This script calls the t1utils 
binary to perform the conversion. It has been used successfully on this 
list to convert MathTime and Lucida fonts from LWFN to PFB format; if 
you're able to browse the list archive (I don't have the time right 
now), you might find more detailed instructions.

One thing: you'll have to rename the file to the font names used by 

You might also try different metrics files (though I don't think 
they're the source of your problem), encoded in LY1 encoding rather 
than T1 or OT1 encodings. LY1 metrics for the whole Adobe Type Library 
are available for free at <http://www.yandy.com/ly1.htm>. I tend to 
prefer LY1 (aka TeX 'n ANSI) metrics to LaTeX's default PSNFSS metrics, 
as they don't use virtual fonts and they produce fewer hyphenations.

Bruno Voisin

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