[OS X TeX] off topic

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Thu Oct 31 14:13:44 EST 2002

>Does anyone know how to take one .tex document and make two separate 
>pdfs from it (without acrobat, or printing...). I'm writing a 
>proposal and submitting electronically and the references need to be 
>separated to they can put it back together again.

Why wouldn't "printing" directly to pdf do the trick?
You do not even have to have a printer available.
In the print dialog, you can select the pages you want to print and 
then click on "Save as PDF..." instead of "Print".

If you don't have any printer installed, you can still do it.
Just go to print center (it's in /Applications/Utilities),
  click Printers->Add Printer...,
select, say, IP Printing from the popup menu, enter any (formally) 
valid IP address and there you have a printer. Although the actual 
printer does not exist, the Save as PDF command in the print dialog 
works just fine.


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