[OS X TeX] using ghostscript

Keith M. Chugg chugg at usc.edu
Thu Oct 17 15:10:00 EDT 2002

If I want to view and eps/ps file w/o converting to pdf, what do I 
use?  The Texshop/Tetex install included ghostscript, can that be 
used?   If so, how?  Also, the system associates .eps w/ graphics 
converter, but this program wants an .eps helper - e.g., ghostscript. 
I think ghostscript is in /usr/bin, but I don't know which file in 
there is the "executable" .

Is there a GUI front end for this?  I want to be able to open a .eps, 
check its bounding box, and modify that before converting to .pdf...


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