OT: [OS X TeX] Re: MANPATH Problem (but not with settcshtexpath ;-)

Juan Falgueras juanfc at lcc.uma.es
Thu Oct 3 10:19:02 EDT 2002

	Gerben, firstly thanks, many thanks, you are very kindful.

I'll look for the config file that set the environment variable 
MANPATH trying to put up to date those config files (fink?) and in 
the meanwhile i'll follow your trick :), that of course, works!

My .tcshrc has its first line sourcing /sw/bin/init.csh and...

W16:16:20 ~ 8% cat /sw/bin/init.csh | grep setenv
   setenv MANPATH /sw/share/man:/sw/man:${MANPATH}:/usr/X11R6/man
   setenv MANPATH 
   setenv INFOPATH /sw/share/info:/sw/info:$INFOPATH
   setenv INFOPATH 
     setenv CLASSPATH `cat /sw/share/java/classpath`:$CLASSPATH
     setenv CLASSPATH `cat /sw/share/java/classpath`
   setenv PERL5LIB /sw/lib/perl5:$PERL5LIB
   setenv PERL5LIB /sw/lib/perl5
#  setenv DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH /sw/lib
   setenv http_proxy $PROXYHTTP
   setenv ftp_proxy $PROXYFTP
W16:16:32 ~ 9%

What do you suggest?

23:57 +0200 2/10/02, Gerben Wierda escribe:
>On Wednesday, Oct 2, 2002, at 23:06 Europe/Amsterdam, Juan Falgueras wrote:
>>>Make sure you have *NO* MANPATH environment variable set at all. 
>>>Then man will work just fine.
>>	Oh!
>>that did the magic
>>but, then, should be in my .login a
>>	unsetenv MANPATH
>man used to be governed through a MANPATH environment variable. 
>Nowadays, the default setting is in a configuration file 
>/etc/manpath.conf. But when MANPATH *is* available, the config file 
>is ignored. When you have an older setup where somewhere in your 
>system (generic startup files for your shell, fink, whatever), a 
>MANPATH is set, it prevents you from using the newer mechanism. I do 
>suspect, having a MANPATH variable is faster, so what you could do 
>is set
>	setenv MANPATH `manpath -q`
>in your .login. That will read manpath.conf and output the result 
>which is then set in your MANPATH variable. Now, man will use this 
>variable. If manpath.conf changes, you need to restart your shell or 
>re-run .login. Note, this is untested, I just think this would work.
>The situation is somewhat like TeX. There used to be all kinds of 
>environment variables for TeX (TEXINPUTS, etc), nowadays these are 
>found in a configuration file. Like with man, if you set TeX's 
>environment variables, the ones on the config files are ignored (and 
>you might get problems because of that).
>PS. (see subject of this thread) why do people always blame me for 
>their problems? ;-)


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