[OS X TeX] GS help?

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Wed Oct 2 17:20:09 EDT 2002

Le mercredi, 2 oct 2002, à 23:05 Europe/Paris, trogers at math.fsu.edu a 
écrit :

> I'm on Mac OS 10.2 with Gerben's install of GS7, et al.
> have I the ability to covert from eps to tiff?
> if so, how, please?

A sinuous way to proceed: from Terminal.app, run the script epstopdf on 
your EPS files to convert them to PDF, then open them in Preview.app 
and export them as TIFF. (I recently found out about the more extended 
"Export" abilities of Preview.app in Jaguar, I find them quite 

There might be more integrated solutions based on ImageMagick or 

While I'm at it, concerning Preview.app: does anybody know to disable 
bookmarks, I find that they make the display of PDF files substantially 
slower? And how to set up a default window size, and default 

Bruno Voisin

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