[OS X TeX] Font problems

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Mon Oct 7 16:37:24 EDT 2002

> I'm having a little trouble getting bold symbol fonts to work (see below).
> I'm using a .cls file that sets all sorts of formats for a dissertation.
> Where can I find such fonst? I was also wondering if there's a better math
> font to use for sans serif fonts?
You could try:   \usepackage{concmath}
The 'Concrete' fonts are in Metafont bitmaps only, so you'll need
to use  dvips+Ghostscript mode, and the onscreen rendering may
not be so good --- maybe better now with Jaguar.

These fonts were designed and used by Knuth, for one of his books.

Alternatively, Lucida fits reasonably with semi serif fonts, so may be OK
also with sans serif fonts, if you adjust the sizes well.

Just some thoughts.

	Ross Moore

> Cheers
> Sam

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