[OS X TeX] Math font wierdness

Themis Matsoukas matsoukas at psu.edu
Sun Oct 13 09:26:20 EDT 2002

This is a problem with the previewer, not with the pdf file. The bottom 
of some symbols (integrals, large parentheses) appears truncated in the 
TeXShop previewer, if these symbols extend beyond the visible part of 
the page (a problem at high magnifications). If you scroll to bring the 
full equation in view, the previewer does not fully refresh the page and 
these symbols look like they are missing their bottom. To force the 
previewer to refresh, scroll to the position you want, go one page back 
(or forward), then return to the page you want. The symbols should look 
fine. Or, decrease the magnification so that you see the full page. This 
solution works in OS X 10.1.5. Still, the file prints correctly 
regardless of how it looks on the screen.

T. Matsoukas

On Saturday, October 12, 2002, at 06:03 PM, Andrew Farmer wrote:

> When I try to use \sqrt and \left( \right) (in math mode, yes), the
> characters end up cut off near the bottom. `Depeditated', if you will.
> Is there any simple solution to this problem? This happens no matter
> whether I use pdftex or latex/ghostscript, although the exact specifics
> of the truncation changes between the two engines. I'm using pdfTeX
> 3.14159 with TeXShop 1.20 on OS 10.2.1 (6D52).
> --
> Andrew Farmer
> andfarm at thibs.menloschool.org

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