[OS X TeX] TeXshop --> Alpha

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Fri Oct 18 09:37:15 EDT 2002

>No, not that it does not colour it. That the text is not broken into 
>paragraphs, but rather has squares that signify where a return would 
>have been in the original. And the text does not compile.

A possible quick fix (though not an acceptable solution in the long 
run) may be to copy one of those squares to the clipboard, do a Find, 
paste the square into the "Search for:" box, enter "\r" (without the 
quotes) in the "Replace with:" box, check the Grep checkbox. Hit 
return to exit the Find box. Then hit
Cmd-Option-R (Replace all). That will put the carriage returns where 
they belong.

It seems that for some reason Alpha is interpreting the file as being 
a Mac text, though it is in effect in Unix format. The squares are in 
effect line-feed characters, that Unix uses as end-of-line, instead 
of the carriage-return used in Macs up to OS 9.


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