[OS X TeX] New Acrobat Reader (5.1) ...

Jerry Wilcox Jerry.Wilcox at ucop.edu
Wed Oct 23 18:54:47 EDT 2002

Adrian Heathcote wrote:
>The odd thing is that I can't see hide nor hair of this new version on
>the Adobe web site. perhaps the versiontracker release is a late beta.

I've discovered that if you go through the download hoops on the 
website, it will eventually tell you that you are downloading 5.1. 
The really curious thing is that when you do that, the installer 
tells you that "the folder ... 5.0" will be created. Of course, what 
you actually get is an application "package", which is labeled 
"Acrobat Reader 5.0." A GetInfo shows that it is 5.1, as does the 
splash screen.
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