[OS X TeX] BBOX for GS 7.05

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Sun Oct 20 07:55:56 EDT 2002

It might be a bit late to post on this thread, but since problems with 
incorrect bounding boxes were reported: some time ago Art Age Software 
has released a series of (shareware) PS/EPS manipulation tools at 
<http://www.artage.com> and they seem to still hang aroung. They run in 
OS 9 and (I imagine) Classic.

 From the description of one of the tools EPS Factory:

     * You have an EPS file with an inaccurate bounding box comment. 
This is one of the more common problems with EPS files. EPS Factory can 
read your existing EPS file and create a new EPS file with correct 
bounding box and hi-res bounding box information!
* You have a PostScript file that you would like to use as an EPS file. 
That is, you would like to import it or place it into a document 
created by an application that understands EPS, but balks at raw 
PostScript. EPS Factory can create an EPS version of your PostScript 
file, again complete with preview image and thumbnail if you choose.

Just in case!

Bruno Voisin

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