[OS X TeX] Xemacs/reftex problem

Stephen Anderson stephen.anderson at yale.edu
Mon Sep 30 21:19:54 EDT 2002

I use Xemacs (built with fink) on OS X 10.2.1 to edit latex files, and 
much of my life depends on it....  Recently, I got a new machine with 
10.2.1 installed on it, and re-installed fink, and from there Xfree86 
and xemacs (following the website directions). While xemacs built and 
runs fine, it crashes when reftex attempts to make a label (for 
instance, when making a new \section, but also just making a label by 

I'll be happy to provide further details on request, but I'd like to 
know if I'm the only one with this problem before wasting bandwidth.

Inquiries on the fink mailing list have made clear that some people 
have problems building the latest version of xemacs, but no data yet on 
this particular problem. Since reftex doesn't seem to have changed much 
lately, it may well be an xemacs problem.
Steve Anderson

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