Why GS 7 ? [Was: Re: [OS X TeX] New version of TeX]

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Wed Sep 25 09:18:14 EDT 2002

Le mercredi, 25 sep 2002, à 14:58 Europe/Paris, Maarten Sneep a écrit :

> Reasons for switching to GS7: security (postscript is a programming 
> language,
> and can do harm) better (more conformant) quality of the resulting pdf 
> (smaller)

But be aware that a candidate bug has recently showed up in GS 7. It 
affects TeXShop in TeX + GhostScript mode, and is different from the 
previous incompatibility between GS 7 and OS X 10.0-1. See the recent 
thread "[OS X TeX] Accent bug with times".

Bruno Voisin

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