[OS X TeX] Installing two front ends?

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalacios at mac.com
Mon Sep 2 14:01:16 EDT 2002

	Thanks for the prompt reply and your warm welcome Joseph, very much 

On Monday, September 2, 2002, at 11:47  AM, Joseph Slater wrote:

> Open the dvi in TeXShop or iTeXMac and it will be converted to pdf (as 
> above). What's really happening is that they just call dvipdf. You can 
> do this yourself from the command line.

	So according to this whenever I double click a dvi file in the 
Finder and launch TeXShop as a result the command "dvipdf" is being 
invoked to convert the file to pdf, right? If this is the case then I 
shouldn't have any problem with any kind of LaTeX output, since from 
what you write I take it that no problems should arise with ps files 
either (something similar being done to them by TeXShop when 
double-clicked), right?

> Have as many front ends are you like. The biggest issue is engines. 
> They can conflict with one another.

	I assume that by engines you mean the command line binaries 
installed by the Tex Live package, right? So as long as I keep that to a 
single install I shouldn't have any problems regardless of the front 
ends I have. I have the most common (or so I've seen so far) and latest 
(according to the web page    http://www.rna.nl/tex.html) Gerben 
Wierda's Tex Live distribution (thank you so much for this Mr. Wierda!). 
Anything I should keep in mind when using those binaries and multiple 
front ends (namely: TeXShop and Thomas Kiffe's tools) to keep my system 
clean of problems?

> You're welcome. I'm sure you can answer questions for some of us in the 
> future.
> Joe

	I very much hope so. That wouldn't only mean that I'd be giving 
back, but also that I've learned as much as to be able to help others. 
And that is very cool as well!!

	All my best. Sincerely,...


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