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Andreas Gschwendtner andreas_gschwendtner at yahoo.de
Tue Sep 3 11:11:57 EDT 2002

On Dienstag, September 3, 2002, at 04:05  Uhr, Juan Manuel Palacios 

> which book would anyone here recommend for learning general LaTeX 
> typesetting skills? I've heard the two kings are Lamport's book and 
> Kopka's "A Guide To LaTeX". Which others for general LaTeX would you 
> recommend? If these were the only two choices, which would you pick, 
> why, how would you compare them?

Lamport's LaTeX Handbook is *very* well written but doesn't cover all 
the details. It's good for a start: buy that one, if you want to learn 
the basics of typesetting with LaTeX.
If you want to go a little deeper, Kopka's book is excellent. If you 
intend to use LaTeX a lot and to write more than "10-page-papers", you 
should definitely read it, as it covers almost all the questions that 
arise when you use LaTeX heavily. It is great as a reference. The 
downside is, that it is quite expensive if you buy all three 
volumes...(but I think it is worth the money!).

"The not so short guide to LaTeX2e" is also good and has a big plus: 
it's free! (download from CTAN). But it is not comprehensive enough for 
my taste...

HIH, Andreas


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