[OS X TeX] "Too many open files" error - how to fix?

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Thu Sep 5 18:45:32 EDT 2002

We have a substantial LaTeX document that gives the following error  
when typesetting the entire thing:

HW_moments_J_300.pdf, id=15
01, 168.63pt x 124.465pt>
HW_moments_J_400.pdf: Too many open files

LaTeX Warning: Reference `problem:HW_moments_J_300' on page 140  
undefined on in
put line 1416.

LaTeX Warning: Marginpar on page 140 moved.

We have never had this happen before. We suspect the "Too many open  
files" error has something to do with the number of figures (we are  
including pdf files using \includegraphics) in the document. Here are  
the totals:

3 in Chapter 1
153 in Chapter 2
0 in Chapter 3
98 in Chapter 4

The strange thing is that this document typeset before upgrading to the  
latest release of teTeX-TeXLive. In addition, when I run the  
i-Installer and have it check the TeX Foundation, it tells me:

"An OLDER package version was found at the URL."

If I click, "Yes, go ahead." -- it doesn't do anything.

What is happening here?

-- Gary L. Gray

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