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Jeff Collins vze22kt4 at
Mon Sep 9 10:01:35 EDT 2002

Sun, 8 Sep 2002 20:38:42, Richard Séguin wrote:

>I'm not enchanted with the way that BBEdit renders 
>characters, and find it more difficult to read than TeXShop.

I use the Georgia font, which was designed for on-screen viewing. 

>I tried running the script in BBEdit, supplied by the plug-in, that 
>activates teTex to generate a PDF, directing output to Acrobat.

I have not had good luck with those plug-ins either.  This is why I use
TeXShop as a sort of compiler.  Once I have the shell of the paper (that
I wrote about in my previous post) in TeXShop, I just leave it open and
flip from BBEdit to TeXShop to do a quick rendering.  The command
sequence, from BBEdit, goes cmd-S (to save the file), cmd-Tab (to switch
to TeXShop), cmd-shift-L (to typeset the paper), cmd-Tab (to switch back
to BBEdit).

>Is there anyway to emulate the Tags feature of TeXShop in BBEDit? I 
>move around frequently in the text, and I've found this to be 

Yes, the 'set marker' command in BBEdit (I don't think it's in the lite
version though).  However, I prefer to create separate .tex files with
the different sections of a paper.  BBEdit's search/replace functions
work on multiple files and switching between sections is just a matter of
switching between windows (which are assigned keyboard shortcuts--look
under the 'window' menu).  I find the ability to see different sections
at the same time (by placing the windows next to each other) helpful in
some circumstances.  It also helps me with version control: I can send a
section to a coauthor for revision while still working on another part of
the paper.

Anyway, in my previous post I didn't mean to argue for BBEdit in
particular.  (It happens to be my favorite, stemming from days of HTML
use.)  I was just pointing out that you can use TeXShop for rendering
without also relying on it as your text editor.  Heck, one of my
colleagues uses Word <gasp> to edit LaTeX documents...


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