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Joseph C. Slater joseph.slater at wright.edu
Sat Sep 21 20:21:49 EDT 2002

On Saturday, September 21, 2002, at 05:40  PM, Ross Moore wrote:

>> Yeah, but if you know this, then you don't email the list asking to be
> True; but when you use a piece of equipment, or software,


>> taken off. Better to put the info on the web site and save some emails
>                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Maybe it is already, or maybe there is no web-site.
> Besides, where is the address of the web-site to be found...

a) It is now. I just put it there.
	i) In the signature of every email on this list for quite some time 
now (I expected you would read the signature, right?)
	ii) At the same, and only, place where you can figure out how to sign 

>   ... but, in the *headers* of every message, of course.
> So I don't see that this makes the slightest bit of difference.
> Besides, posting extra info on a website only helps for one 
> mailing-list.
> Learning to use your software better helps for *every* mailing list,
> so is a far better solution.

Right, an off-line response with this information is all that is 

>> to the whole list. For all intents and purposes, this information is
>> hidden to many people.
> Only at their own choice
> Sorry to be blunt.
> (I think I'm voicing the same frustrations that Gary showed
> with his 1-line response.)

Email is a terrible medium for reading someone's level of frustration, 
or emotion.

However, we all, from time to time, have to get over our frustrations 
with users who know less in one area than we do. I didn't know this 
info was in the header, although I was knowledgeable enough to solve 
all of the path issues on my machine in Jaguar, layout what I think is 
a very logical representation of the OSX options on the mac-tex site 
(with all due respect, all changes on the site in the past few months 
have been mine -- everything since the new osx format). I added a 
script in the current TeXShop. I built tth on my own... so I consider 
myself above average in my knowledge, but still didn't know that 
information like this was in the header.

If people on this list knew how to do everything, why would they be on 
this list? There are very few people on this list who haven't asked a 
question that I thought had an obvious answer. Even Ross ((see point b) 
i)). Then again, all but one answer I've posed appeared to have an 
obvious answer to someone else on the list, and I'm grateful for the 
courteous responses.

Now lets please all get off our high horses, me too, and recognize that 
the smarter-than-though attitudes will destroy the wonderful 
camaraderie we've had here (for the most part). I'm sure Johann is 
getting tired of reading all of this off-topic email. I know I am.

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