[OS X TeX] TeXShop/teTeX speed using TeX+ghostscript

Warren Nagourney warren at dirac.phys.washington.edu
Tue Sep 24 13:42:59 EDT 2002

Many thanks to all who responded. I believe the approach of using  
pdftex/pdflatex and leaving the extensions off is a good one. Then  
either program can be used without changing the source.

I did some measurements of the time between changing the text and  
seeing the preview. Using tex+ghostscript it took 8 seconds, using  
pdftex it took 3 seconds. Not surprisingly, ghostscript is the big time  

By the way, I haven't noticed any slowdowns due to syntax coloring. I  
am using TeXShop 1.2 and Jaguar. Also, I agree that antialiasing is not  
the issue; I mentioned it since it is *very* slow in TeXtures (one of  
the many advantages of TeXshop).

Thanks again.

Warren Nagourney
Warren Nagourney   <warren at dirac.phys.washington.edu>  Voice:  
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