[OS X TeX] The Boston Consulting Group 'box'

Edward M. Roche eroche at mac.com
Mon Sep 23 08:47:54 EDT 2002

Using the built-in graphics capabilities, does anyone have the code 
template  for creating one of those 2x2 boxes used so much by 
consultants. Like 'high' 'low' 'rich' 'poor' with simple labels in each 
dimension and a label in each box? Or has everyone just gone to using PS 
and EPS inserts generated from other programs? If so, does GIMP work ok? 
or OmniGraph? Also, I can't get the insert .eps command to work, at 
least according to the way it is listed in the Lamport book. Any simple 
place to look for a how-to on this?

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