[OS X TeX] Books?

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalacios at mac.com
Tue Sep 3 12:48:13 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, September 3, 2002, at 12:49  PM, Dr. Uwe Becker wrote:

> Just one note: Kopka has written 3 books in German, but only the 
> first - for
> beginners the best one - has (as far as I know) been translated into
> English.
> uwe becker, goettingen germany

	Bummer!!! What can we english speaking Latex loving people do to 
get Mr. Kopka to publish the remaining tomes in english??!!

	Are you listening Mr. Kopka? Please!!!

	One last question: if I want to get specific about typesetting 
skills, what book would everybody recommend for math formulas in Latex 
(I'm a physicist!).

	Thanks again. Sincerely,...


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