[OS X TeX] huge digests full of dreck

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Sun Sep 15 03:48:32 EDT 2002

>	I hate to sound like a broken record (or maybe a CD?) - but could
>people please take care when sending email messages to this mailing list
>(and others)?  The most recent digests have been as much as 50% quoted list
>instructions, duplicate mime formatted messages, HTML formatted messages,
>pgp signature headers and footers, quoted extraneous content and
>excessively long signature files (not to name names: Ross, Edward,
>Donal...). These can be particularly troubling for those people who read
>the mailing list digest.

Just out of interest why  do you use Digests?

I just let the  MacOS-TeX stuff filter to a mail box and everynow and 
again I scan over the  Subjects read the few that interest me and 
then Trash the contents of the  folder  when it starts get too big.

One problem with 4 lines signatures is that I am actually obliged by
my employer to include:


This email message is intended only for the addressee(s)
and contains information which may be confidential and/or
copyright.  If you are not the intended recipient please
do not read, save, forward, disclose, or copy the contents
of this email.  If this email has been sent to you in error,
please notify the sender by reply email and delete this
email and any copies or links to this email completely and
immediately from your system.  No representation is made
that this email is free of viruses.  Virus scanning is
recommended and is the responsibility of the recipient.


I don't because I think its silly! But if I  took these
pronouncements from on high seriously, or if they put a
filter in the outgoing SMTP server to check I have a disclaimer
my signature would be seriously long.


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