[OS X TeX] .tex documents automatically "linked" with Excalibur, not TeXShop

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Sat Sep 21 08:41:25 EDT 2002

Has anybody encountered this problem: now and then all .tex files are 
suddenly considered by the Finder as Excalibur files (judging by their 
icon, and the information displayed in the Show Info window for them). 
This is all the more annoying as I installed Excalibur on my disk just 
in case, but I generally do spell checking by hand without using the 
computer and I have never opened Excalibur on purpose so far.

It wasn't so much of a nuisance as I just had to open a Show Info 
window for any .tex file, go to "Open with...", select TeXShop and then 
"Modify all...". But now under OS 10.2.1 it's no longer working: in the 
Show Info window, when I select "Open with..." TeXShop just for the 
current file it's OK, but as soon as I click on "Modify all..." the 
selection goes back to Excalibur.

I have the impression this problem manifests itself only for files with 
empty Creator and/or Type fields, for example:

[legimc11:~] applcom% /Developer/Tools/GetFileInfo 
file: "/Users/applcom/Library/texmf/tex/cupplain/uplain.tex"
type: ""
creator: ""
attributes: avbstclInmed
created: 05/23/2000 11:25:37
modified: 09/21/2002 14:21:33

Anybody any idea?

Bruno Voisin

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