[OS X TeX] Re: MANPATH Problem with settcshtexpath

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Sep 6 08:14:14 EDT 2002

On Thursday, September 5, 2002, at 09:33 , Herb Schulz wrote:

> The line in /etc/csh.login introduced by 'settcshtexpath',
> setenv MANPATH "${MANPATH}:/usr/local/teTeX/man:/usr/local/man",
> introduces a problem with tcsh initialization if (as is true on my
> system)
> the MANPATH environment variable is not defined. All processing of init
> files by the login tcsh seems to terminate.

Yes. This is why the last versions of settcshtexpath does not set the
MANPATH there but in /etc/manpath.config where man is handled in 10.2

In other words, you have an old intermediate and (ugh) faulty version of
settcshtexpath which you probably downloaded from my ftp site where (as
it turns out) the old faulty version was still hanging around until 5
minutes ago (The last TeX releases contain the fixed version). My

I have updated settcshtexpath on the ftp site, just in case. If you
download that, install it over the one you have in the TeX binaries
directory (just like you did with the one you have now). You might have
to remove the faulty TeX entry in /etc/csh.login by hand to get good


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