[OS X TeX] MacWorld Article

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Mon Sep 9 10:38:42 EDT 2002

Hi All

to those who have expressed a wish to see the MacWorld article, I have 
to recompile a copy in pdf format from the component files, which will 
take a day or so (my powerbook, my main computer, is in the shop getting 
its screen replaced). I'll send out the article as soon as I can.

When you receive it you should feel free to circulate it as you like. My 
hope was that it might reach people who are unaware of TeX, but would be 
attracted to the concept: high school students, those writing technical 
pieces in non-Maths areas, etc.My experience is that local Mac magazine 
editors will be attracted to anything that suggests that OSX has a 
decisive advantage over other platforms in a particular niche area.

I hope this helps the word to spread


Adrian Heathcote


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