[OS X TeX] TeXShop/teTeX speed using TeX+ghostscript

Philippe Lelédy phl at leledy.org
Wed Sep 25 02:57:33 EDT 2002

Le mardi 24 septembre 2002, à 08:07 PM, Bruno Voisin a écrit :

> Le mardi, 24 sep 2002, à 16:48 Europe/Paris, Wolfgang Lerche a écrit :
>> [snip]
>> I do not see the point of these washed-out anti-aliased fonts, rather 
>> I get headache from them;
>> for a comparison between OSX anti-aliased fonts and Nextstep bitmapped 
>> fonts,
>> see eg. <a href=http://wwwth.cern.ch/~lerche/texcompare.gif>here</a>.
>> It appears that there is no TeX previewer under OSX that doesn't look 
>> worse or much worse
>> than the previewers on other systems - eg just consider Miktex under 
>> W$$ and judge yourself
>> how the crisp dark saturated fonts look, and how smoothly the 
>> previewer (Acrobat) scrolls.
> In OS X 10.2, in the System Pref "General" there is a new item allowing 
> to setup anti-aliasing (to some extent). But not yet to switch it off. 
> And yes, I too have sometimes the impression of seeing an unfocused 
> screen when I watch an anti-aliased window.

In my opinion it depends heavily on the quality of the display unit you 
are using


<a href=http://wwwth.cern.ch/~lerche/texcompare.gif>here</a>

I now prefer anti-alias but with a previous display unit I used to 
prefer non anti-alias.

As the quality of display unit grows I think the debate will close down 
soon, in favor of anti-alias.

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