[OS X TeX] Mac OS X 10.2 permissions

Axel E. Retif axretif at att.net.mx
Fri Sep 6 05:59:29 EDT 2002

This might be unrelated to problems some of you --like Mr. Bruno 
Voisin-- are having with OS X 10.2, but might help some others. This 
report comes from MacInTouch (http://www.macintouch.com) --as the one I 
posted yesterday in the thread Overfull, about defective install CDs--:

> [Jeff Roessle] I have been having problems with intermittent freezes 
> since upgrading to 10.2 on my b/w g3. Searching the discussions on the 
> apple site I found a terrific tip. Run the repair disk permissions 
> script in disk utility on the boot drive. It will fix tons of 
> permissions with numerous directories. Since following this advice I've 
> seen a marked speedup in booting and help viewer as well as a snappier 
> finder and no freezes! There has been nothing but positive results in 
> the thread. Give this a try and pass it along to the readers who might 
> be having problems with 10.2. Apparently it corrects some booting 
> problems on some mac's and allows previously unusable drivers to work

I haven't had any problems with 10.2 on my Pismo PowerBook --quite the 
contrary--, but I ran it and it only found 4 permissions to fix, not 


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