[OS X TeX] Installing two front ends?

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalacios at mac.com
Mon Sep 2 11:25:41 EDT 2002

	Hello everybody, I'm new to the list and before I post any question 
or say anything else I would like to take a moment ang give my warmest 
appreciation to the people who have put together such grate packages as 
teTeX on OS X and the great myriad of front ends to let us read our 
pdf's in a friendly environment. Included in my words is also a word of 
gratitude to the people who take the time and offer the resources to 
maintain this list, a great tool for spreading knowledge. Thank you so 
much all of you, really, my best to you all!

	Now to my question, a very simple one to start with. Being a 
somewhat beginner TeX user on the Linux platform I grew used to dvi 
files but realized they are not used in Mac OS X. I personally have no 
problems with pdf's, in fact I think they are easier to handle, but I 
may encounter a situation where a friend or colleague sends me dvi 
output without the source. I have TeXShop installed as teTeX front end 
so I cannot handle dvi's naturally but I found out that Thomas Kiffe's 
tools (http://www.kiffe.com/textools.html) have a real dvi viewer for 
Mac OS X. So what I wanted to ask is if it is possible to have two teTeX 
front ends installed without generating any conflict; that would allow 
me to read any kind of TeX output.

	Thanks again to all who make TeX on Mac OS X possible and to those 
who take the time to read such a simple question and, even more, reply 
to it.

	My best to all. Sincerely,...


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