[OS X TeX] [OT] Extending a figure on the external margin

Serge Cohen cohen at embl-grenoble.fr
Wed Sep 25 08:57:43 EDT 2002

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This is a bit of toppic because it's not a MacOS specific TeX question, 
still if someone knonws the answer I'd be very grateful.

I'm having a doc in the Book class. In it I have large figure which I 
want to extend over the margin. Indeed that running mostly Ok, except 
that the margin used is always the left one, which is Ok for odd pages 
(that then correspond to external margin) but I want it to be the 
opposite for even pages (going on the right margin which is then the 
external margin).

I see that it is how they get their large figure in the LaTeX companion 
book, but I don't know how they do it (don't have teh source, and 
reluctant to look in such big sources anyway), and I'm afraid they do it 
in the class defintion, which I would definitely not be able to do.

Thanks for any help.

Serge (PhD student in a rush for printing the final version of his PhD).

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