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Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Sep 3 09:18:51 EDT 2002

Le mardi, 3 sep 2002, à 13:59 Europe/Paris, Axel E.Retif a écrit :

> Dominique:
>> The second solution don't match (I have no su password : my seller, 
>> who installed my computer, don't remember it and I'm afraid to use 
>> blindly the CD installer !).
> You should not be afraid to use the CD to reset your password. It's 
> really very easy (if you follow Apple's instructions), and sooner or 
> later you will have to. (And I wonder --how did you install Mr. 
> Wierda's teTeX distribution if you don't have administrative 
> privileges?)

NO IT'S NOT HARMLESS! There is one important bug, or feature, that you 
must be aware of when you are working on a non-English keyboard: the 
language setting (i.e. the localized keyboard mapping) may be different 
when you are resetting the password from the Jaguar CD, and when you 
are booting from your hard drive to start a session. This means the 
password you defined using the CD is not what you actually type in the 
startup screen; thus it is rejected.

To avoid this, type in a password from an "international" part of the 
keyboard, like the letters "ERTY" which use the same keys in English 
and French, and probably in most European languages as well.

I was told this after spending about two hours on the phone with Apple 
Technical Support. I had all sorts of problems after migrating to 10.2 
(my original admin account is absent from the startup screen, and 
invisible to all other accounts, even in the Accounts item of System 
Prefs, some programs like Mozilla crash partly when started from this 
account, etc.). At one point I tried to reset my password from the CD, 
it only made things worse because of the problem above. Then Apple 
Technical Support told me the trick above. And more, like pressing 
Cmd-S during startup to boot in command-line mode, then running the 
UNIX fsck. Don't try, it's scary!

Bruno Voisin

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