[OS X TeX] Alpha? (was:TeXShop/teTeX speed using TeX+ghostscript)

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Tue Sep 24 04:43:37 EDT 2002

You could have two copies of each figure (one in eps and one in pdf). Then use
\includegraphics without file extension. TeXShop defaults to pdf, 
while other TeX systems such as OzTeX default to eps.

Incidentally, OzTeX on OS X interfaces nicely with teTeX (one can run 
dvips, pdflatex, etc from a menu). I have been using Alpha together 
with OzTeX for years now. I still do, because Alpha is by far the 
best editor for LaTeX (and html, C, perl, etc.). The only drawback is 
that it is still not available native on OS X (though I can run it in 
Classic and Cmd-T invokes the native OzTeX without incident; Cmd-E in 
OzTeX puts me back in Alpha inside classic).

Any hopes of having Alpha X come out anytime soon?

Luis Sequeira

>I recently wrote my first proposal (to the NSF) using TeXshop/teTeX; I  
>formerly used TeXtures. First, I hope this doesn't come off as a 
>whine:  I really like TeXShop and in many ways prefer it to 
>TeXtures. The  problem is the large speed difference (up to 10x) 
>between this package  and TeXtures and I wonder whether there is 
>anything I can do to improve  this.
>My proposal was 15 pages long and had no equations (I'm an 
>experimentalist) but contained 8 figures in .eps format. I realize 
>that  pdflatex would be faster, but I often need to share LaTeX 
>source with  others (usually using windows) and I find the .eps 
>format more  convenient for this.
>Using TeXtures, it would take about 1-2 seconds for a change in the 
>source to appear in the typeset window (no antialiasing). In 
>TeXShop,  this takes about 7-10 seconds on a 500 MHz G4 (the TeXing 
>takes about 2  sec). I realize that the antialiasing and ghostscript 
>conversion takes  time, but it seems that the discrepancy is too 
>large. Does anyone have  any suggestions?
>I am using TeXShop 1.20 and the latest version of teTeX on Richards  website.
>Thanks for any help and for a great application.
>Warren Nagourney
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