[OS X TeX] OT: presentations for math

Arun arunsma at fastmail.fm
Fri Sep 20 10:17:26 EDT 2002

Importing to Microsoft products is done in 2 ways: eps or bitmap [jpeg]. 
If you want to only print the presentation into slides, then you can 
import the eps files into Word/Powerpoint [others have commented on how 
to do that].

As for conversion from .ps or .eps to jpeg, I do this A LOT, since most 
of my pictures from MatLab are exported into eps files [MatLab had 
horrible image exporting in my opinion, besides I want to modify 
sometimes with Illustrator]. The way I do it is using an open-source  
package called  ImageMagick. I'm sure, VersionTracker has it. Anyway, 
it's a terminal-based program that's immensely useful for batch jobs. 
For example [once you have installed ImageMagick], you can use the 
following tcsh shell script:

     foreach i (*.pdf)
         convert -density 288 $i `basename $i .pdf`.jpg

What this does is gets all the pdf's [you can put eps in place of pdf] 
in the current directory, and converts them to jpeg's with a resolution 
of 288dpi [screen resolution is 72]. I end up giving the converted 
jpeg's for others to put into their presentations ... There are many 
other options other than density that you can use to 
crop/scale/resize/etc. your document before turning it into a bitmap 
[use ManOpen to look at the "convert" manfile]. Anyway, the jpeg's that 
are generated look great to me; you can increase the quality of 
compression if you wish [I keep at the default].

- Arun

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