[OS X TeX] OT: presentations for math

trogers at math.fsu.edu trogers at math.fsu.edu
Thu Sep 19 23:31:21 EDT 2002

Most of you know how much this list has has helped, as I support the 
Mac OS X users here at our Math Dept.  They use these wonderful teX 
packages sand programs that I install (thanks Gerben, Richard, Fink, 
Gnu and Open Source).

I have professor who doesn't know teX (I have showed how much more 
beautiful things could look), alas....

He has several grad students, one of whom makes plots and adds 
captioning on the left, vertically, and at the bottom.  he saves this 
as a .ps file.

Here's the rub and here is where I ask for ideas, solutions, 
alternatives, as I am not a graphics expert either, oh dear!
Hold on to your stomach!
He, the professor, wants to bring the .ps files into PowerPoint.  So, I 
use PhotoShop to run up the quality of the jpeg conversion and it looks 
"OK" when displayed on screen, I guess, rather he thinks so.
However, he has, it seems, now learned to use PowerPoint's built in 
capabilities and if you ask me those slides (text and titles, scans) 
just don't help make his imported graphic files look really good.

Besides the idea I JUST had (maybe to *scan* in his .ps files!... 
hmm... still makes it a jpeg, but maybe I can produce a better and 
bigger one) anyone have any ideas?

We tried converting ps/pdf but it seems PowerPoint doesn't much ps or 

I simply thought, though that I *must* be missing some GOOD idea or 

Thank you,
Ted Rogers 

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