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On Wednesday, September 4, 2002, at 03:58  AM, Andreas Gschwendtner 

> On Dienstag, September 3, 2002, at 05:47  Uhr, Juan Manuel Palacios 
> wrote:
>> 	Just one question to you Andreas, if I may:
>> On Tuesday, September 3, 2002, at 11:11  AM, Andreas Gschwendtner 
>> wrote:
>>> Lamport's LaTeX Handbook is *very* well written but doesn't cover all 
>>> the details. It's good for a start: buy that one, if you want to 
>>> learn the basics of typesetting with LaTeX.
>>> If you want to go a little deeper, Kopka's book is excellent. If you 
>>> intend to use LaTeX a lot and to write more than "10-page-papers", 
>>> you should definitely read it, as it covers almost all the questions 
>>> that arise when you use LaTeX heavily. It is great as a reference. 
>>> The downside is, that it is quite expensive if you buy all three 
>>> volumes...(but I think it is worth the money!).
>> 	What three volumes? Everywhere I've looked I've seen Kopka's book 
>> as a one tome publication. Take Amazon, for example, if you look for 
>> Latex publications there you'll see Kopka's book as a single volume, 
>> no more tomes. Where could I check this out? Is the one sold at Amazon 
>> the first tome?
> :-/ hmm... well... I just checked on Amazon.de and Amazon.com -- and I 
> am not so sure now if we are talking about the same book(s). I have 
> three books by Helmut Kopka, written in German (I think he is German, 
> isn't he?):
> 1. LaTeX I: Einführung (=Introduction)
> 2. LaTeX II: Ergänzungen. Mit einer Einführung in Metafont. (=Additions 
> and Introduction to Metafont)
> 3. LaTeX III: Erweiterungen (=Expansions)
> I don't know if these books have been translated to English -- maybe 
> somebody can clarify?

In Kopka & Daly's "A Guide to LaTeX" they say (page viii): "The great 
success of Helmut Kopka's book 'LaTeX, eine Einführung in Germany has 
led to many requests for an English translation...".

But it is more than that: "A straightforward translation of the German 
book would not be particularly useful, since it contains considerable 
information on the application to German texts. For this reason, Patrick 
W. Daly has undertaken to produce an English version of Kopka's work, 
adding the sections on international and multilingual LaTeX...".

By the way, I haven't seen any mention to Alan Hoenig's "TeX Unbound", 
which has very good reviews in Amazon. I don't have it, but I want to 
buy it. Has any one of you read it?

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