[OS X TeX] Mac OS X 10.2 permissions

Axel E. Retif axretif at att.net.mx
Sat Sep 7 23:32:57 EDT 2002


> Do you mean to say that syntax coloring and character rendition is 
> working at normal speed for you with TeXShop 1.2?

As I said, I took an already prepared book, and our TeXpert doesn't type 
everything in a single tex document, but rather uses \input to include 
everything from frontmatter to backmatter. So to answer your question I 
opened a single chapter (92 KB) and measured the time it took TeXShop 
1.2  to do its syntax coloring --more than 3 minutes. But I also noticed 
that if I start typing at the end of the document (scrolling works fine) 
syntax coloring starts without delay, even if surrounding commands are 
not colored until 3 minutes later.

About character rendition --it seems to work just fine, though I'm not a 
fast typist.

> I upgraded to 10.2, and Gerben's teTex is working beautifully, but 
> TeXShop 1.2 is so slow that it is practically unusable. It's acting as 
> if it loops through the entire text for each character that I type. If 
> TeXShop is working fine for you, could this have something to do with 
> installing the developer tools?

I have no idea. I think this is for Mr. Richard Koch to answer. (But, 
have you verified your Disk Permissions with Disk Utility?)

> By the way, how large of a download is the Developers upgrade?

The August2002DevToolsUpdate.dmg is 9.9 MB.


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