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Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Wed Sep 4 08:46:28 EDT 2002

(Gerben, there's a special point concerning teTeX at the end of this 

Le mercredi, 4 sep 2002, à 12:06 Europe/Paris, Axel E.Retif a écrit :

> On Tuesday, September 3, 2002, at 08:18  AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>>> [snip]
>> To avoid this, type in a password from an "international" part of the 
>> keyboard, like the letters "ERTY" which use the same keys in English 
>> and French, and probably in most European languages as well.
> I didn't think of that, in part  because I don't use special 
> characters for my passwords, but also because I'm accustomed to using 
> three different physical keyboards (English, Spanish and Spanish ISO) 
> and three different logical keyboards layouts (U.S., Spanish and 
> Spanish ISO). Here, at home, I'm typing this on a physical Spanish ISO 
> but using the U.S. keyboard layout --later I'll shift in order to 
> answer my mail in Spanish--, and my Pismo PowerBook has a physical 
> English keyboard.

I'm not sure it's only about special characters: the first two 
alphabetic keys on an English keyboard are Q and W, for example, and A 
and Z on a French keyboard. Put an A in your password, like I did, and 
you're stuck. (That's what Apple people told me, at least.)

> [snip]
> In short, you can get accustomed to different (logical) keyboards 
> layouts. I've reseted the passwords (administrators, root and normal 
> users) in the machines at work without a problem, just FOLLOW Apple's 
> instructions.

Yes, you can. My first experience at word processing was on a DEC Vax, 
using some software called WPS and All in One in later incarnations. 
The software expected an English (QWERTY) keyboard, mine was French 
(AZERTY). Good memory practice! But then I bought the first Mac I owned 
(a beloved SE/30). Not to mention the Macs I had borrowed from friends 
before (two floppy disk drives, no hard drive).

> [snip]
> Maybe you used the "Archive and Install" option, which has caused 
> problems to  (quite) a few people. That is why I did a clean install.

About "Archive and Install": I hadn't used it, I used it later 
following a suggestion from Apple Tech Support. It didn't cure 
anything, but created additional concern. Your previous system is moved 
to "Previous Systems/Previous System 1"; this includes not only all 
visible directories Applications, Library, System, Developer, etc., but 
also invisible directories like /usr etc. In particular teTeX's 
directories are moved inside "Previous Systems/Previous System 1", 
where they are invisible. You may then think, by looking only at 
/usr/local/, that they are gone; they aren't, and live now in "Previous 
Systems/Previous System 1/usr/local/". The same happens with Virex's 

That was a matter of concern for me, because of all the customizations 
I had done in texmf.local (MathTime and Lucida fonts, Euro fonts, 
etc.). At one point I thought I had to redo everything (and of course I 
had neglected to backup texmf.local).


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