[OS X TeX] Jaguar, TeXShop and Output

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Mon Sep 9 03:38:08 EDT 2002

Le vendredi, 6 sep 2002, à 09:51 Europe/Paris, Jürgen Pöschel a écrit :

> I recently updated to Jaguar, TeXShop 1.20,
> updated the hp deskjet driver and reinstalled teTeX -
> and now things seem to be a little out of whack.
> More precisely, the TeX reference point does not
> seem to have the coordinates (1in,1in) anymore.
> Even worse, printing out of TeXShop and out of Acrobat
> seems to produce different results as far as positioing
> the whole stuff on the page is concerned.
> Does anybody have similar problems, or even better,
> a cure?

I've noticed a similar problem. For me this happened in plain TeX only, 
and with pdfTeX; it was connected with having had successive 
installations (and customizations) of teTeX, which ended up with 
conflicting versions of pdftex.cfg located in various subfolders of the 
texmf, texmf.local and texmf.macosx directories.

Try putting something like (if you're using a4paper) in your input file:


If that cures your problem, then you've got wrong versions of 
pdftex.cfg somwhere in your system; the correct version should contain:

page_width 210 true mm
page_height 297 true mm
horigin 1 true in
vorigin 1 true in

Try locating the wrong versions and suppressing them.

Bruno Voisin (sorry for the late answer, I was away from the internet 
for some time)

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