[OS X TeX] Newbie Questions

Michael Betsch Michael.Betsch at uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Sep 4 09:22:40 EDT 2002

[German quotes:]

> at the top of your document:
> \usepackage[german]{babel} % although others may have a different
>                            % opinion about that.
> then use `" for the start quote and '" for the end quote.

(it is really "` and "' resepectively)

> > 2.) How can I get another type into my document? I need to use the IPA
> > (international Phonetic Alphabet) font in order to display the correct
> > signs.

Download and install (from CTAN) the TIPA package (look in fonts/tipa).

Michael Betsch <Michael.Betsch at uni-tuebingen.de>

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